Course 10 Preview

Reimagining Public Health Workforce

Equity within the public health workforce is key to ensuring that public health leadership, public health infrastructure, and the public health workforce are equipped to advance health equity. Looking for the full Course 10? Access Course 10 here.

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Purpose and Overview

This course explores how to address obstacles to advancing health equity within public health organizations. It examines the limitations of our current infrastructure, recent advances in public health to address health equity, and offers ways to move beyond the programs and services model to target root causes. In connection with prior courses, this course centers the people and communities integral to the establishment of organizational equity, describing how we can collaborate in and outside of public health organizations to achieve health equity and social justice.

Course 10 Highlights

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In recent years, significant advances have been made to center equity in public health practice while we are still limited when core practices are viewed as "trends" rather than an inherent component of public health.
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Case Study
Learn more about Public Health Seattle & King County's health equity journey.
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Let's explore strategies for transforming public health organizations to meet evolving challenges by building an adaptive and resilient workforce, ready to use technology and collaboration to enhance health outcomes and address emerging threats.

Next Steps

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Start a group

Learn together about the roots of health inequity by starting a group for your organization. Our course provides step-by-step guidance on how to facilitate healthy dialogue and exploration.

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Learn independently

Enroll in the Independent Learners group and complete the course with a community of learners interested in health equity.