The Roots of Health Inequity

Explore the underlying causes of social injustice and health inequity to unearth public health’s role in building healthier communities.

Course Previews

Illustration of the bottom section of a tree, showing its roots in the ground
What is a “root cause” and why do we need to consider root causes when we talk about advancing health equity?
Illustration of a scale with individuals of different races, ages and abilities. Both sides are equal.
Public health’s origins and initiatives are deeply intertwined with social justice. As a field, we must reengage with these social justice roots to transform the conditions that produce health equity and health inequity.
Illustration with doctors symbol, medicine and syringe, black female doctor.
Become familiar with the broad evolution of public health, with an emphasis on examining the root causes of health inequities and social reform efforts.
Illustration of individuals working with an industrial scene behind them and a dividing stock market line with businesses and mangers in the top half
Designed to create inequality, capitalism is a root cause of health inequity.
Illustration, the standard male and female depictions often seen on signs with drawings of people below them of varying genders
Fixing our understanding of gender and sexuality into a tight binary limits us from supporting all members of our community.
Illustration of people talking, people using their phones and speech bubbles, dots and emojis
Stories and ideas shape societies and represent our values. We can communicate narratives that build health equity.
Illustration, the three faces of power, the symbols of power over, to, with, within, businesses, money, and people of various races and ages.
Power relates directly to the root causes of health inequity; public health must leverage power to advance their goals.
Illustration of a person talking through a megaphone, another holding a sign with others in the background
Public health will be able to make greater gains in achieving health equity through shifting and sharing power with communities that experience marginalization.
Illustration of workers in business settings, having a one on one, working on presentation, sitting around a table discussing ideas
Equity within the public health workforce is key to ensuring that public health leadership, public health infrastructure, and the public health workforce are equipped to advance health equity.