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New Roots of Health Inequity Course Series

New Roots of Health Inequity Course Series – coming May 30th, 2024! Join our new site to explore expanded and updated content, new voices and videos, and improved interactive experiences. Want to hear the latest? Sign up for our mailing list.

Where can I find the new Roots of Health Inequity Course Series?

The new Roots of Health Inequity Course Series will replace the current course (Roots of Health Inequity course). Simply go to on May 30th to see the new site.

What content will be in the new Roots of Health Inequity Course Series?

In addition to updating our current content, the Roots of Health Inequity Course Series will include expanded content on the root causes of health inequity such as “White Supremacy and Racism,” “Capitalism and Class,” and “Cishetereonormativity.” We’ll also include new courses to explore “Power and Health Equity” and “Building Community Power,” as well as “Reimagining the Public Health Workforce.” Designed for public health professionals, public health students, or individuals interested in learning more about social justice and public health, the Roots of Health Inequity Course Series offers accessible content for all levels.

The new course series will include “Voices in the Field” recordings from over 30 public health professionals sharing their experiences tackling root causes in public health practice. Look for new videos, as well as hands-on learning tools like printable worksheets and interactive content features. Group leaders and group facilitators can find updated group facilitation content as well as improved group administration tools.

What will happen to my Roots of Health Inequity web-based course account?

The new Roots of Health Inequity Course Series is an expanded online experience with new and updated content and for that reason, current accounts and progress on the current Roots of Health Inequity course will not be transferred to the new course. Instead, we invite you to create a new account when the site is launched and explore the updated content.

If I’m in a course or facilitating a group in the current course, will I be able to continue to use the current course?

Current account owners and group leaders will have access to the current Roots of Health Inequity online course through Aug 30, 2024 (a link to the old course will be provided on the new course’s homepage) but we recommend that you transition to the new course as soon as it makes sense for your group.


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In 2009, the National Association of County and City Public Health Officials received a two-year grant from the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities at the National Institutes of Health to create an educational website that helps public health practitioners recognize and act more effectively on the social injustices at the root of health inequity.

“NACCHO expects that course participants will find this material provocative and a challenge to conventional thinking, but also inspiring. Our objective is to generate debate among colleagues and pose questions which encourage innovative approaches to public health practice that tackle health inequities at their roots.”

Richard Hofrichter, PhD
Senior Director, Health Equity

“Working toward health equity requires everyone to play a role. To succeed, we will need to forge new connections, collaborate in new ways, and attach new meanings to our work.”

Mikhaila Richards, MS
Senior Program Analyst, Health Equity and Social Justice